Monday, 13 February 2012

Pencil me in!

The life of an international jet-setting superhero senior citizen can be a tiring one, but rather than wait until I am full of vim and caffeine and covered in jello shots, I shall present you with my final favourite vintage outfit of last week, which I think is perfect for those rare occasions on which one wishes to appear prim and proper (for instance, infiltrating a tea dance in order to befriend terrorist suspects, or gaining a job in politics in order to overthrow the oppressive oligarchy which tramples upon our dignity and has allowed cufflinks to fall out of fashion).

Bob, not wearing a Guy Fawkes mask or carrying a concealed weapon.

The Houses of Parliament in New London seemed the ideal location to display the beautiful 40's Pencil Skirt suit in blue, by Indie Rose.

I confess it has been over a year since I last visited the great British metropolis in the supple and silken flesh, and my memory has been known to fade over a lesser distance, but I am fairly certain that the real place does not contain nearly such an ample supply of police telephone boxes. I have a strong suspicion that the New London sim is operated by people with a strong vested interest in promoting either the cause of law and order, or the return to use of land lines (perhaps due to health concerns but equally possibly due to financial ties, or sexual fetishism). I promise a return to investigate.

Last and indeed least, I indicated that this entry would contain an announcement, which I recklessly claimed would be exciting. And it does indeed thrill me to inform you that I have created my very first group, Bob's Odd Buddies, which will one day be an exclusive and expensive VIP club with tentacles reaching into the very bidet of Second Life power and influence, but is currently serving the purpose of enabling me to create for myself whatever group tag suits my whim. For the next several days, however, the group will be open to anyone with the fine sense and taste to be reading my blog to join. Warning! Group titles are subject to change any time I feel like it, although I anticipate that "The Legendary" and "Nobody Expects" will remain available indefinitely.

I shall also occasionally distribute amusing items and/or gestures, and if you want 'em, that's how you can get 'em. Find the group in my profile or search, or use this SLink whatsit within your viewer. secondlife:///app/group/2e453ee3-6410-1192-ceda-3fe3336c5b72/about

Coming up soon on The Blog of Bob: Drinking the Frolic Mills Koolaid, and other adventures of Ms Senior Virtual World.

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